Thursday, September 10, 2009

Five Ancestor Fist Curriculum of the Beng Hong Athletic Association

I currently train Five Ancestor Fist under Dr. Mark Wiley, who formed the Beng Hong Athletic Association in direct affiliation with Alex Co of the Beng Kiam Athletic Association in Manila, Philippines. Dr. Wiley recently returned from an intense training session with his long-time mentor and friend and has crafted a general curriculum under the advice of Mr. Co for Beng Hong students. This is not the complete system of Five Ancestor Fist (there are around 40 empty hand forms and numerous weapon forms), but this ordering of material is designed to take a student deep into the essence of the art while providing a balanced training routine in modular format. The names of the forms are in the Hokkien dialect. The "Bible" mentioned below refers to a reference manual for Five Ancestor Fist written in 1915. Send me an email if you are in the Philadelphia area and I'll put you in touch with Dr. Wiley if you want to explore the art further. I'm in West Chester, PA.

1st Duan Black SashSam Chien (Three Tensions)
Qi Kun (Opening Fist) Structure Testing
Tian Te Lin Chien (Heaven, Earth, and Man Tension)
Li Sip Kun (Twenty Punches)Li Sip Kun Two-Man Form
Kong Ngo Ki Two-Man Exercise
Sang Sou Kun (Double Roundhouse Punch)
Sang Sau Kun Two-Man Form
Kim Chieng Wat Two-Man Exercise
Pieng Ma Chien (Even Stance Tension)
Se Mun Pa Kak (Hitting the Four Corners)
Se Mun Pa Kak Two-Man Form
Song Sui Kun (Double Banner Fist)
Song Sui Kun Two-Man Form
Sam Chien Sip Li Kun (Three Wars Cross Pattern)
Sam Chien Sip Li Kun Two-Man Form
Hong Be Chien (Phoenix Tail Tension)
Se Mun Kwa Sau (Four Direction Sweep)

2nd Duan Black Sash
5 Two-Man Exercises from Bible (Kun Chiu, Kim Chieng, Kai Chiat, Tioh Cha, Kao Yao)
Tan Lien Kwan (Single Continuous Kick)
Ngo Ho Chien (Five Tiger Tension)
Lieng Tao Chien (Dragon’s Head Tension)
Chian Li Ta (Chopping Attack)
Tit Kieng Chien (Straight Bow Tension)
Sang Lien Kwan (Double Continuous Kick)
Ching Lien He Sui (Seven-Foot Pole)
Tsai Hong Song Hui (The Elegant Flying Double Phoenix - Sai)
Pole Vs. Sai Two-Man Form
Tui Chong (Pursuing Fist)
Tui Chong Two-Man Form

3rd Duan Black Sash
Se Mun Tiao Cha (Deflecting/Intercepting the Four Corners)
In Tin Tat (Entwining Kick)
In Tin tat Two-Man Form
Ho Chien Wat (Crane’s Tension Method)
Cho Chien Wat (Ancestral Tension Method)
Kaw Tuan Kim (9 Sections of Brocade – 10 Exercises)
Lak Hop Kun (Six Harmonies Fist)

4th Duan Gold Sash
Sam To Tim Tao (3 Times Hitting the Head)
Sui Hua Chien (Elegant Tension)
Sa Kak Yiao (Three Corners Rocking Punch)
Sip Li Kun (Cross Punch)
Si Hong (Fourth Segment)
Ko Twi Pi (Drummer’s Flog)
Sai Tze Wan Sin (Lion Turning the Body)
Hi Li Po Pai (Child Holding the Tablet)
Se Mun Chao Tue (Attacking the Lower Four Directions)

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